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Paul Ryan Has Already Broken Most of His New Year’s Resolutions with Omnibus Betrayal

10 Things The Romney Campaign Doesn't Want You To Know About Paul Ryan


922/15 4:45a Paul Ryan Rep Wisconsin This guy is evil I cannot help wonder why he is making these pro-rapist bills. Does he or his family need them personally?


Paul Ryan Knowingly Sold Shares Of Doomed Banks After Private Briefing On 2008 Banking Crisis


~~~~~ King of the Apes ~~~~~The "game is up" - the masses are finally realising exactly what has been "going on"! Dirty, mindless, corrupt tactics bankrolled by scoundrels who had the Republicans "dancing to their every whim"! Choke on your excesses & thanks for setting the stage for the revolution to come!


2016 PAUL RYAN: Paul Ryan is Judas. He will hurt Trump any way he can

The Truth About Paul Ryan He Desperately Tries to Hide ~ There is no doubt that the so-called Freedom Caucus knew this about Ryan when they threw their support behind him for the Speaker's post.

Time to get rid of Paul Ryan, and many other Neo-Conservative war hawk globalists who are making millions and millions of dollars

Reeling from Falling Polls, Paul Ryan Floods District with Mailers on Border Security After Funding Every Obama Open Borders Initiative

"Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough." -FDR