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Starting January 1, my plan is to focus on Owl City, but I’m keeping the Adam Young portal active for moments of inspiration that move me to create new scores. I’ve already got a growing list of concepts and cannot wait to see what happens in the future. Thanks again for the incredible journey! Stay tuned. — Adam Young gif

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♡ he looks so good with bleached hair


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"Adorable insomniac sitting in his parents' basement all night creating magic"? Yep, that about covers it. Thank you, Adam Young. :)

Adam Young of Owl City, everyone. (Reference to Vanilla Twilight.)

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… It’s just the beginning, this isn’t the end -Owl City

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Yep... we have one more month THEN OWL CITY WILL RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!

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Adam Young and an owl. Quite possibly the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

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~ Galaxies | Owl City ~ Wow, *HUGE* round of applause to the designer of this photo! I especially like the incorporation of the Orion constellation. ^_^

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-owl city <3 Much too amazing for words.

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