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Ofrendas Prehispanicas



The Aztec priest were called 'tlamacazui' the 'Giver'. The priests main role was to give the deity's their appropriate offerings by leading sacrifices and rituals in their honor. Due to the importance of religion in the Aztec civilization, priests were regarded and respected like that of nobility and considered part of that society. Priest(s) were required to live an exemplary lives, and were responsible for fasting and paying penance. * Aztec priests.

Skull decor from the Ancient Aztec Templo Mayor, Mexico City.

Gold capacocha figurine Peru, 13th-16th century Miniature figurines wrought in hammered gold were handed over as offerings to accompany human sacrifices during the ritual of capacocha, meaning royal sin or obligation.

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Votive offering of gold raft Colombia(Muisca) Gold 7~16th century Height 7cm