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Numeros Equivalentes

This math center is a great way for students to practice math vocabulary! It has 15 fraction vocabulary words. Words included are: fraction, denominator, numerator, mixed number, improper fraction, common denominator, simplest form, equivalent fraction, tenth, decimal, proper fraction, fraction bar, whole number, benchmark fraction and unit fraction.These activities are ideal for math stations, individual or group work.

Concrete Learning for Equivalent Fractions

Fractions are a very abstract concept and hard for students to understand. Using hands-on manipulatives takes the mystery out of equivalent fractions.

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Fracciones equivalentes

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Fracciones equivalentes 02

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Suma de fracciones - Recursos e información para docentes.

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Fracciones equivalentes

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Expresiones coloquiales en inglés que todos debemos saber

Expresiones coloquiales en inglés que todos debemos saber

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equivalencia 3 del 1 al 5. 3 AÑOS

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Conjuntos equivalentes. Infantil 3 años. - YouTube

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