Katharine Hepburn - I've always loved her direct nature, independence, passion, focus, and those beautiful flowing trousers she rocked in the 1930's.

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Patrick Dempsey

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I love how much they all grew together throughout the years. They are like a big crazy family and I hope they all take good care of each other! ❤

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died on the toilet. with all that shaking around, you wouldn't think he'd get constipated, would you?

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But how could you NOT notice HARRY FREAKING STYLES?

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•❁ @Aksjuly8 ❁•

Personalmente, creo que son dos de los más grandes actores. Pacino, De Niro. El Padrino.

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Serge con Nana, su bull terrier, 1977. Foto: Telegraph

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Calidad Humana

Filosofía de Emily Pikler: que lo primero que se desarrolla en el cerebro del bebé es el sistema límbico, que entre otras funciones, es el órgano que capta las emociones del ambiente. Puedes ver mucho más sobre familia y bebes en

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