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Necesito Ayuda Psicologica

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7 Myths We Need to Stop Believing About Medicating Mental Illness

Therapy and meds.

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How to Put an End to Power Struggles with Your Child

Put an End to Power Struggles with These 3 Steps. Oh brother, do I need this...

What are your favourite books (lifestyle business psychology anything) on how to change the world - or just your world - for good? On the blog I go into 7 of the best. There is also a stern warning about folding fitted sheets and Frankenpants. But I need your help in rounding out a full top 10. What else should we read???

May I ask for prayers to remind me that God is with - May I ask for prayers to remind me that God is with me and present to bolster me in my time of suffering. I am recovering from decades of abuse and having to deal with some severe physical pain brought on by this narcissistic abuse. I know that God has saved me from these people, but I can't seem to shake the physical symptoms that are the result to so many years of psychological torture. Please help me to see this whole situation in…

I need help overcoming FB addiction -- Please help! | Narcissist, Sociopath, and Psychopath Abuse Recovery

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Find the Perfect Word for Your Feelings with This Vocabulary Wheel

buen listado----- ofrecer en las distintos periodos

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Eating Disorder Recovery Is Not as Simple as 'Wanting It Enough’

There have been many times in previous treatments when I had been written off as “non-compliant,” “difficult,” “chronic,” or “doesn’t want recovery.” I was told if I didn’t want help, then I wasn’t going to get better. I was told I was just wasting everyone’s time. Looking back, it makes me so sad, because all I needed at the time was for someone to recognize I was just really scared and sick, that I wasn’t “playing games” or “being manipulative.”