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Narcissistic Sociopath

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Moving on after divorcing a narcissistic sociopath. A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.

Signs That You've Been Abused by a Narcissist narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.

Co-Parenting With a Narcissist. Narcissistic Sociopath Abuse & Recovery

Wow this nailed it! GPS-Grace Power Strength: Common Phrases Spoken By (and signs of) A Narcissistic Sociopath

Always on the hunt for prey/supply #narcissist #sociopath Be vigilant for and wary of those men who are wolves in sheeps clothing.

Trust. Trent Shelton. .. A Help for narcissistic sociopath victims

Living with a narcissistic sociopath. A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.

  • five alive

    Every time i think it will be over, something else gets dragged up, or a new problem. I'm having nightmares every night again. If there's a cure, I'd love to know it.

  • G G.

    I left him a year ago..it gets easier ina way but the pain doesnt go away

  • tammy vandamme

    i finally escaped the relationship and had no idea how many demons i have to fight off to leave it behind

  • tammy vandamme

    i finally escaped the relationship and had no idea how many demons i have to fight off to leave it behind

  • Caity Stepleton

    So true.... there's no escape. Nightmares when you rest and the same when i awake.. hell

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How to Tell if You're Dating a Sociopath or a malignant narcissist. Click on the image to read the article.

I always wonder if they are delusional enough to believe all the the crap they brainwash them into believing or if they know they are just playing sick mind games?

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GPS-Grace Power Strength: 5 Tips In Dealing With A Narcissistic Sociopath

abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, narcissism, narcissistic spouse, narc wife, married to a narcissist, planning divorce, domestic violence, divorce

  • Ronda Tari

    Went through this along with physical abuse with last marriage. Will NEVER let another man do that to me again. Life is too short to put up with abuse. I was fortunate to get away before he killed me thanks to abuse shelter help.

  • Sydney Vogt

    So basically everything in 50 Shades of Gray. Glad it's in theaters.

  • candice_c

    It's sad because they don't even realise that they have a problem and they are abusive..

  • Wendy Trahan East

    So true. So sad. If only mike could see himself through his families eyes maybe he would wake up

(39) Forgiving Yourself After Abuse: The Reconciliation of Heart and Mind | Narcissist, Sociopath, and Psychopath Abuse Recovery

Some people aren’t satisfied until they sabotage someone else’s happiness. Be careful who you trust – not everyone who smiles at you is your friend. ♥ Want more fantastic quotes? Visit us at www.facebook.com/...

That Lie You're Living: Narcissistic Abuse | Victims of Narcissistic Abuse - NPD - Sociopath - Psychopath Help Guide | Scoop.it

A neuroscientist discovered he's a non-violent psychopath... not sure about all of this but it's interesting

  • Christina Padgett

    I believe the plasticity of the brain is a result of choice. The environment factors in, but there is an inherent choice to act as a psychopath.

  • Ryan Peters

    Hopefully we can eventually start establishing pre-screening 'filters' in positions of authority. Keep the snakes from getting too high up the ladder.

  • Ryan Peters

    That aside, let's leave it to the growing number of neurophysiological studies correlating behaviors with brain structures to determine exactly what causes sociopathy. As for discussion of individuals, we should start by labeling behaviors that fit the Hare Psychopathy Checklist and correlate more with manipulation than with critical thinking, and progress toward depersonalizing the entire topic.

  • Ryan Peters

    'Non-violent' psychopaths like my friend's father. It's abhorrent that that thing's still legally classified as human.

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Therapy humor. Really true.

Sociopath charmers...experts of manipulation. A help for narcissistic sociopath relationship survivors.

GPS-Grace Power Strength: 5 Tips In Dealing With A Narcissistic Sociopath

GPS-Grace Power Strength:, Common Phrases Spoken By (and signs of) A Narcissistic Sociop775ath

  • Andrea Stefishen

    I am going through this situation in my marriage right now and it is so true. I'm constantly having to prove to him that I'm not the terrible he says i am.

  • Delane Duley

    The first time I read this, it stopped me dead in my tracks. I must have read through it a half dozen times. Each time, slower than the last. Totally blown away by its empowering truth. I had to share its, and in doing so, the gift of its wisdom comes back to remind me many times a day. I can't thank you all enough for repinning this way. I hope it comes back to all of you this way. An empowering reminder to truly place value on ourselves.

"How to Spot A Narcissist and Walk Away" -- great article, although as one commenter said, it won't work if the narcissist is also a sociopath. Still, a good place to start.


    I'm in process of building strength to walk away from a narcissist at the moment. Narcissism is a type of evil spirit that takes hold of a person and uses them to deceive & manipulate others. True, there is no reasoning with such a person, therefore, just leave.

  • Ana Douglas

    wish i had seen this year ago,but never too late

  • Kim Meyer

    Wow so true. Hopefully you are listening.

  • Tina Carmichael

    Wish I'd read this a couple of years ago. Live & Learn.

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Slander is a common "aftermath" weapon in the arsenal of the Narcissistic Sociopath. The victim's most powerful weapon? No Contact-No Response!

Why you should never warn the sociopaths new partner - about 'who they really are' A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.

Profile of a Narcissistic Sociopath - Charming, Manipulative, Grandiose, Lying, Authoritarian, Secretive, Divisive...

Well, that pins it well doesn't it chubby? Even i am amused by your "version" lolololol

- Charles M. Blow Unfortunately some people are missing the empathy chip in their brain.