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Soapstone... (for the love of a house)

I get a lot of questions asking about my experience with the soapstone countertops in the kitchen. The...

One countertop material often overlooked when designing or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is soapstone. While soapstone is not for everyone or for every design, this natural stone possesses sever...

Soapstone Counters: They're Long-Lasting, Stay Clean, & Your Kitchen Deserves Them — See Why!

Soapstone countertops are naturally antimicrobial and stain resistant.


An unlacquered brass faucet from Waterworks and a soapstone sink and countertops are period-appropriate for the early 1900s apartment. - Photo: Jonny Valiant / Design: Blair Harris & Randy O'Kane


Grey-green painted cabinets with black soapstone, white farmhouse sink

what are best kitchen countertops soapstone vs granite review main characteristics

Farmhouse Kitchen - soapstone is a classic choice for a kitchen counter or sink. This farmhouse sink is backed by a soapstone backsplash that is carved in a beadboard pattern.


Vert De Terre No. 234 Paint



Cool White Soapstone Countertops for Backsplash