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MFS-Strange but TRUE: The CHINCHORRO Mummies of South America

At least two thousand years before the ancient Egyptians began mummifying their pharaohs, a hunter-gatherer people called the Chinchorro, living in modern-day Chile and Peru mummified their death. But after staying remarkably well preserved for millennia, during the past decade many of the Chinchorro mummies have begun to rapidly degrade.


Why did people start mummifying their dead in the driest place on Earth?

Flores do Mal

The world’s oldest artificially created mummies were created around 7,000 years ago by the Chinchorro people of present day Chile and Peru.  Incredibly, their mummies predate the Egyptians by thousands of years.  To put that in perspective, the oldest mummy found in Egypt was dated to around 3000 BC, while the oldest mummy of the Chinchorro is dated around …


Chinchorro mummies go back to 7000 years, practically thousands of years before Egyptian mummies, thus representing the world earliest attempt known to date to intentionally preserve the dead. They are believed to be the remains of individuals from the South American Chinchorro culture found in what is now northern Chile and southern Peru around 5000 B.C. and reaching a peak around 3000 B.C.


Chile:”Se lanzó oficialmente la campaña para que Momias Chinchorro sean reconocidas como patrimonio de la humanidad por la Unesco​”

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