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Seventh Mistake that is holding up your money on Social media.... Not repurposing content. Once you know how to create quality content why would you not repurpose it? If you are frustrated because you don't understand how to make it all work click the link in my bio for a 30 Complimentary Clarity Call.

RIGGED SYSTEM : Presidential Debate Moderators Announced – Four of Five are Liberals (9/3/16)

An image of a girl holding up a photo of the face of a Barbie doll. I love this piece as it implies that society and the media portray an image of 'the perfect and beautiful woman' and its all girls ever want to be and such importance is put upon it, however the perfect woman isn't real, it is only plastic or models have been photo-shopped etc.


Are you making mistakes on social media that are holding up your money? Follow me and watch closely as I share 10 mistakes I see entrepreneurs making on Instagram and Periscope.

Sixth Social Media Mistake that is holding up your Money. Not inspiring enough engagement. Posting is not where it stops. You have to know how to post & inspire meaningful engagement with your target market existing clients and influencers. If you just got here please scroll back and catch the previous tips. Afraid Your Sales Process is Outdated? Click the link in the bio to book your free 30 minute Clairity Call

Another mistake holding up your money on social media. No profile picture I see this on Periscope. The worse part is it happens during live scopes when I am trying to share the love. Serious entrepreneurs don't wait they show up fully! Get in the game. If you are ready to stop making excuses for your lack of sales DM me Lets Chat!