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Homemade House Fly Traps

Fly baits are available in grocery and hardware stores, among others, but often store-bought fly traps are expensive and work no better than homemade fly bait. With a few simple ingredients, you can make fly bait using items already in your kitchen pantry.


Aristolochia grandiflora, aka Pelican Flower or Snail Flower, is a deciduous vine native to the Caribbean and Central America, and has been introduced to Florida in the United States as an attractor of butterflies. With one of the world's largest flowers, grandiflora emits an odor that smells like rotting meat in order to attract flies which are needed for pollination. Flowers are heart shaped (10–20 cm wide) and have tails that are up to 60 cm long. The flower is green/white with…

No more flies! Yes and all the cockroaches come out when you mop with pinesole! They can't stand the smell and try to leave the house.

Para eliminar las molestas moscas de la fruta, poner un vasito con vinagre de manzana y 2 gotas de lavavajillas, a la mañana siguiente estarán todas muertas



Jajaja; ésta sí me gustó mucho. Pobre Dr. House

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Keep Houseflies Away with Cucumber Peelings

House Fly

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Playful Murals for Kids' Rooms

Esta idea la tuve yo al mudarnos. Tenía la pared y el texto, pero no el valor de hacerlo yo. Me falta practicar mucho.

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Homemade House Fly Traps

House flies are not only a nuisance while they are buzzing around your head, they are also carriers of germs and diseases. Insect sprays will kill the house flies, but they are not safe to use around food, children or animals. Sticky flypaper will catch some of them, but it's unattractive. Making your own fly traps is inexpensive and uses...