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Mary Todd Lincoln: Was She Insane?

Mary Todd Lincoln, married to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president. Her life was filled with great triumphs and great tragedy. She was first lady during the civil war and neither the southerners nor the northerners accepted anything she did. Her husband's assassination in 1865 shattered her and eventually she outlived her children as well. She struggled with mental illnesses.


The Many Dresses of Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

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How Lincoln’s Oscar-Nominated Costumes (and Sally Field’s Weight Gain) Made an Eerily Real Presidential Couple

Sally Field in costume as Mary Todd Lincoln in the 2012 movie "Lincoln" | Vanity Fair


Mary Todd Lincoln 1818-1882, Wife of Abraham. Lovely color added to her CDV.

Robert Todd Lincoln (August 1, 1843 – July 26, 1926) was an American lawyer and Secretary of War, and the first son of President Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln. Born in Springfield, Illinois, United States, he was one of two of Lincoln's four sons to live to adulthood. He & his father lacked the strong bond his father had with brothers Willie and Tad, but Robert deeply admired his father and wept openly at his deathbed.

Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865 Mary Todd Lincoln 1818-1882 Robert Todd Lincoln…

Wedding day photograph of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd taken November 4, 1842 in Springfield, Illinois after three years of a stormy courtship and a broken engagement.


Mary Todd Lincoln. Her background was way above Lincoln’s but she saw his greatness and was his fiercest champion. Sadly, their lives were tested by dreadful calamities and their relationship was made painful at times because of her irrational jealousy.

Mary Todd Lincoln Almond Cake Recipe. One of Lincoln's Favorites!

Mary Lincoln~~Lived from 1818 to 1882~~Bore 3 children, 2 passed away while she lived.