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Martha is an underrated companion all because she loved the Doctor romantically when he was still mourning Rose. I don't blame her at all & I think she's stronger & cooler than people give her credit for

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10 Unsung Heroes in the History of Doctor Who



I have a replica of Doctor Who's Martha Jones' jacket. I wear it every fall. I either get people cooing over the jacket or random fan-girls asking me if I love Doctor Who. Yes, this jacket rocks. Yes, I am that big of a nerd.


Oh I loved Martha here. I don't understand why people hate her. I love that she was strong enough to go find a life for herself, even when all she wanted was for the Doctor to love her. She was the perfect companion for him at that time.


THIS! So much this! FINALLY Martha is recognized for the awesomeness she is. I hate when people degrade her as being a lovesick fool. Yes, the gorgeous doctor flirted and she was 'lured' away by him, but she grew SO much as a character and started kicking so much ass. Love her!!