chipmunk. Lovely tail!

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Pan Dora .. a little werewolf like my Lupin! He's gorgeous!!

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Pictures of Maine Coon Cat Breed

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Boughton repurposed a table as an ottoman in the family room, trimming and staining the legs and setting a tray into the upholstered top. "I like to reuse things when possible," she says. "This lets you prop your feet up but also put a drink down."

These 21 Images will Show You the Remarkable Size of Maine Coon Cats

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Two kittens make one heart. (KO) Angelic kitties. Don't be fooled! Naughtiness dressed up in furry clothes! Precious though. At times. Mostly naughty.

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Maine Coon cat. Early settlers in Maine thought because of their luxuriant bushy tails they had crossbred with raccoons. Obviously they hadn't, because a) it's genetically impossible and b) raccoons are far too uncouth.

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Resultado de imagen para cucha de perros o gato de cajon de manzana

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Happy Fishing by Kim Jacobs

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