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Manga Romance

<3 Also: Zodiac P.I., Lovely Complex... the list goes on.

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Oh dear lord Zen, that heated face of yours xD

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Top 10 Romance Anime

Top 10 Romance Anime || Usui and Misaki [Kaichou wa Maid Sama. Read: ~

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Akatsuki no Yona chapter 134 Yona and Hak are so cuuuute!!

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Anime Mérida,Animes Variaditos,Leer,Cosas 7W7,Manga Parejas,Baile,Hermosos,Romántico,Frases

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I love love love this manga BUT WHERE THE FAK IS MY ROMANCE! Gosh, she better end up with someone or I'm gonna flip

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Please go check out my YouTube account. I've done a anime related video and am in the process of doing a few manga videos!! My username is unialpaca

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Yuushin and Hiyorin ♥ From Hiyokoi. I've watched the OVA and I wanna read the manga

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Son Hak and Princess Yona |{ Hakona }| Akatsuki no Yona × Yona of the Dawn

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