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5 Remedios Naturales Para el Malestar Estomacal en Mascotas

Malestar Estomacal en Mascotas

Ksenia Raykova es una fotógrafa rusa amante de los animales, en especial de su perro. Su amor hacia los caninos la ha convertido en un punto de referencia en este tema. Aquí un poco de su trabajo.

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GI Tract Herbal Formula Helps support digestion and bowel health. Soothe your dog's upset stomach with this all-natural herbal supplement based on time-tested, traditional Eastern Medicine formulas. Our concentrated liquid formula harmonizes the stomach. Reduces stomach discomfort due to build up of gas in the stomach. Helps maintain contentment during travel Harmonizes the stomach Soothes and protects the GI Tract.


doTERRS's Digestzen essential oil blend consists of ginger, peppermint, tarragon, fennel, caraway, coriander and star anise. If I ever feel gut discomfort after a meal I just add 1-2 drops of this oil into a glass of water and drink it. Within minutes I feel relief!!


#PetsTip Los alimentos que no debes darle a tu gato son: cebolla, ajo, tomates verdes, papas crudas, chocolate, uvas y pasas. Aunque la leche no es tóxica puede causarle malestar estomacal y gases. Medicinas como Tylenol y Aspirina son extremadamente tóxicas para los gatos. Alimentarlo con comida para perros o atún enlatado para uso humano les genera desnutrición.

PetAliveFlatulence Preventer ~ Homeopathic remedy for gas buildup to prevent excessive flatulence in dogs or cats by maintaining digestive health. Addresses foul-smelling gas by maintaining digestive health. Reduces discomfort due to build up of gas in the stomach. Improves the optimum absorption of nutrients. Maintains the balance of intestinal flora in dogs and cats. C$26.95 each. Buy 2 bottles and pay only $23.95 each. Buy 3 or more and pay only $19.95 each.


Canine Bordetella is a highly contagious upper respiratory condition that affects a high amount of dogs. Also known as kennel cough and more recently, canine infectious tracheobronchitis, canine bordetella has distinct symptoms that can make it fairly easy to diagnose.