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Woodland pendientes de lóbulos estirados por PeachTreats en Etsy

Manómetros, tapones de oído medidores, Gauged pendientes, pendientes de lóbulos estirados - "Inspirado en la India"

de Etsy

Detailed Romancing the Stone "Fakers" Faux Gauged Earrings

Aros ovalados 7/16 "a 5/8" - pendientes de lóbulos estirados - medidores

de Piercing Ideas

Get modern rook

I don't usually like large gauged lobes, but this is actually quite interesting...


he would be so much better looking w/o smoke rolling out his mouth.. :/


Small gauged lobes. This girl has the exact same piercings as me!

Thank you. This is exactly right. The term "gauges" is completely wrong because it's stretched lobes. Tunnel is an incorrect term as well. If it's hollow, it's called an EYELET. Also, never wear tapers as jewelry. It's a tool used to stretch your lobe to a bigger size. Spirals are acceptable to wear because the weight is even.

flourite with rainbow pyrite and calcite from