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Love Sentences For Her

#Uganda #Genocide - #Museveni never forgives never forgets By Nathan Span THIS IS THE TIME FOR FORGIVENESS BUT MUSEVENI HAS NO FORGIVENESSES IN HIS QUEST FOR POWER There is no excuse whatsoever for the action that was taken by this terrorist organization calling itself NRM. Janet Museveni have a heart of a mother and that of a grandmother. You're not born into power and you will die without it. This is Xmas time a time to forgive and set those that have wronged you free. Where are church…

Do you remember the Harry Potter paintings? I got the request to draw Molly for a lovely lady that I met over Summer, @dawnnikolpl 💜 Painting Molly was so fun! I know she's a character that isn't drawn much, but she is such an amazing mum with a huge caring heart and she loves cooking! Finding a different quote by her was a tad tricky as we all know she's known for a specific sentence. You know...the one when she fights Bellatrix, hehe. Dawn also gave Dumbledore a loving home! I already…

Him, her, it and it - learn the various characters for "ta1" - with beginner sentences.


madre gallina cobijando al peque


We asked CAC adoptive mama Natalie what she would tell a family considering adoption? In just a few sentences she shared a piece of her heart for families considering adoption and we love being able to share. We hope you are having a great Sunday and we will be ready to chat tomorrow. 888-833-1114 #adoption

I have a girlfriend that cares enough to sit with me like this when I an hurting over something.I love her for that!!!!!!She is a one in a million type of friend.We have been friends for over 40 years.


Grammar Girl is soooo helpful. All ages can benefit from her. #technology #classroom


Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), abogado, activista contra el apartheid y político sudafricano. Fue el primer mandatario de raza negra que encabezó el poder ejecutivo, y también el primero en resultar elegido por sufragio universal en su país. Su gobierno se dedicó a desmontar la estructura social y política heredada del apartheid. Premio Príncipe de Asturias de Cooperación Internacional, 1992.