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All-powerful electricity...I'm going to use this as an attention-getter for our electricity/circuit chapters!

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jajajajajajaja re cierto

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LOLSOTRUE - lolsotrue tumblr (funny,funny quotes,lolsotrue,lol,witty,humor,teenagers,life,relatable,typography)- happens all the time

As a child I always wondered who were theses strange people (my parents) that showed up every time we had company. o_O

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LOLSOTRUE - lolsotrue tumblr (funny,funny quotes,funny sayings,lolsotrue,lol,sotrue,witty,humor,teenagers,life)

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lolsotrue | #1 | Pride in Madness

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O my gosh I do that ALL the time at school and yesterday I did that and dropped all my books!!! It was horrible!!!! @Olivia García Simons: I saw you when I did that and fell!!

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I use to work at Dairy Queen and it served Pepsi. Id never ask this because I never met someone who wanted Coke that wasnt just asking for cola.

been there, done that.

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