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Lee Friedlander, the Little Screens, Washington, DC, 1962

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shadow, new york city, 1966 • lee friedlander

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Lee Friedlander's mastery of mannequins

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Lee Friedlander

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09. Jofre conta que nos anos 60, os Estados Unidos começaram a apresentar uma…

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Lee Friedlander: America By Car - in pictures

Credit: Lee Friedlander, courtesy Frankel Gallery, San Francisco New York City, 2002 Sometimes the lines, angles and reflections can be perplexing, in this case reflecting the chaos of the city

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space framed: Reflection on Photography (work by Robert Frank and Lee Friedlander)

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© LEE FRIEDLANDER - Amercia by Car | Nebraska 1999 -

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I think that Friedlander's use of black and white photography brings out the…

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Lee Friedlander - New York City 1963

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