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La Felicidad Segun Aristoteles

Rafael de Sanzio. Los "mortales dotados de palabra", según adjetiva Homero al animal humano, son capaces de levantarse, sobre el nivel de la naturaleza, gracias a esa posibilidad de configurar sus propias vidas, y poderlas decir. Esa palabra "que tengo en mi interior", como dice Ulises, es el recóndito espejo al que se aferra, en el fluir de los instantes, el primer balbuceo de la consciencia. Emilio LLEDÓ, Elogio de la infelicidad


La felicidad según Aristóteles Ética a Nicómaco Poe Juan Carlos Gómez Méndez Nos gusto mucho de este documento las palabra...


Friendship according to Aristotle

The #Science of #Happiness

"Answer not a fool according to his own folly." I've come to the realization that the only way to fix or get rid of the negative, empty people in your life is to kill their feeding supply: information. By including them in what's going on in your life, they take whatever details they want, and twist it for their own social profit. By cutting off their supply, they have two options: begin to fabricate their own stories about you to spread or stop and return to the normal person they use to…


Not happy? Change what you do, for 21 days, according the Monk who sold his Ferrari.


The Key To Happiness, According To 3 Greek Philosophers - Eudaimonia in Aristotelian ethics


"According to Aristotle, the perfect end of education will be an activity that is engaged in for its own sake, complete and sufficient unto itself. Aristotle calls the activity for which education prepares man--happiness." David V. Hicks, Norms and Nobility. Image: A Woman Playing a Clavichord, Gerrit Dou, c. 1665, oil on panel.

happiness is activity of the soul according to the virtues - Google Search