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It's always amazing to hear "you look great!"... When inside I hurt so much I can't even focus.


30 hermosos jardines zen. Inspiración asiática.

30 hermosos jardines zen. Inspiración asiática. Más


This is what it feels like to have fatigue from chronic illness

Sometimes I pretend I`m having a good day when I`m not. Sometimes I get so tired of explaining.


My children & I didn't do anything to deserve EDS. We didn't attract it to us. It isn't something a supernatural being or force gave us as a sick gift. There is no reason or rhyme. But we will find silver linings, do our best & get through the hard times anyway. And maybe, hopefully, good will come of it.


fibromyalgia, RA, MS, lupus, chronic fatigue, celiac, hashimoto's, osteoarthritis, IBS, crohn's, eczema, psoriasis....more, more, more. Immune function lives in the colon!


Yes, hello, Id like a refund on my body. Its defective and really expensive. - anyone with a chronic illness

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Esto es lo que deberías saber sobre la peligrosa enfermedad de Lyme, un mal poco conocido y cada vez más común

Una enfermedad silenciosa, pero que puede ser muy grave si no se trata a tiempo. Hoy queremos contarte de qué se trata este mal bacterial que se transmite a través de las picadura de garrapata y que una vez en tu sangre llega a diferentes zonas de tu cuerpo.¿Qué es la enfermedad de Lyme?Actualmente, todos

Lyme Chronicles: If You Lack Prescription Insurance, What Can You Do? There is hope!