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Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) - Star Trek Into Darkness. I watched this and what they did to Khan made me so sad, I will probably never watch it again

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Benedict Cumberbatch..sometimes I don't think he is all that hot and others..he is the very definition of hotness, this is one of those times..

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I Khan't. This made me laugh for a long time. I pretty sure every time I say "I cant" ill picture this

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"Vamos a encontrarla, aun si debo dar el ultimo soplo de mi vida, Dovran"~

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Community Post: 17 Fictional Men Who Make Long Coats Sexy

Khan A.K.A John Harrison played by Benedict Cumberbatch from the new star trek movie Into Darkness

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Khan, oh my gosh I gasped at this picture. He's hypnotic, not a damn bit fair either.

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Khan // Who CARES if I have already posted this picture?!? It is AWESOME!!!! Benedict Cumberbatch

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Doctor Strange Poster | Benedict Cumberbatch Smaug, Khan, Doctor Strange, Sherlock

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