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I would legitimately kill someone just so Sherlock would come to the crime scene and possibly look at me like this.

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THAT was the actual moment I started shipping Johnlock. John loves him, and gets super jealous when Irene flirts with him. I love it. I still ship Sherlolly harder, but of Johnlock happens I will be perfectly fine with that.


No. This hurts. This hurts so much. Because of all the shit that they've been through together--all the trials and struggles-- John marrying Mary, going back to her, and Moriarty's wickedness. Sherlock was there through it all. He was best man, he planned John's wedding, he killed a man to ensure John's happiness with a woman who shot the Consulting Detective out of cold blood, and he died for John Watson. Everything was for John because there will never be anything or anyone more important…


"What if that's how Sherlock announces he's back: John wakes up and finds milk in the fridge when he was certain he ran out yesterday." Haha aww