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John Green is my favourite person. For those that don't know fishingboatproceeds is John Green's tumblr.

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He is perfect and Sarah is perfect and they are perfect.

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fishingboatproceeds is John's Tumblr account, for those who didn't know. XD

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John Green Is Awesome

John Green Is Awesome More

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I formally invite John Green to speak at my wedding. It may go a little like "I don't know whose wedding this is or where I am..." BUT IT WILL BE THE BEST PART OF THE WEDDING. (Yes even better than the part where I ACTUALLY get married). :)))

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JOHN GREEN this is so funny but a very good question?

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from the "make john green find the thing"/i-swear-to-god-he's-really-a-new-york-times-best-selling-author tumblr masterpost (click for more, btw)

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I always imagined this. Like jane austen saunters in an goes "excuse me? Its just a love story stfu about irony and shit cus I did that accidentally"

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