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Ya, Jack bad luck, Elsa, you too... not ma fault thet deamworks makes tha hot boys and Disney tha pretty girls

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And just when I think I am over my Jelsa obsession something like this pops…

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Jelsa Cinderella AU by on @DeviantArt

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Jelsa Ladynoir image Más

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Dios mio se van tan lindos... Más

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Jaja Más

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At first i accidentally pinned this to Finnik board . and i was like "yep thats Finnik right there yup. Hes going through a phase"

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Jelsa - Usted no tiene que estar solo por Lehanan

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YES!!! OFFICIAL JELSA DAY!!!! #elsa #jackfrost #jelsa #day #jelsaday #thewintersolstice #officialjelsaday #YES #love #this #lovethis #it #loveit

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I don't ship them all the pictures always look stupid but this is .... Wow but I still don't ship them

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