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Community Post: The Evolution Of Jared Padalecki's Hair

La evolución de pelo Jared Padalecki

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Perfecto ô.Ø

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Today: The Padalecki siblings. Megan, Jared, Jeff. Megan: "The best gifts do not require wrapping #holidayperks #sibs " Credit: BigMoBook (Megan Padalecki)

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'Supernatural': 11 Times Sam Lost His Shirt For Basically No Reason

Jeez @MooseMode13 ...tell your boy to put some clothes on...he makes us drool in every way here...*frustrated sigh*

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Jared Padalecki being the cutest moose puppy you ever saw.

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12° temporada

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Ten Reasons To Drool Over Jared Padalecki

as much as i love facial hair, there is something about a man covered in grime.... just try and tell me im wrong!

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