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Jamberry heat times. Jamberry application heat times

Nail Application Tips

Si tienes problemas aplicando tu jamberry ve a y visita para enterarte de nuestros productos!

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Do you dread trimming your Jamberry nail wraps because it takes so much time and effort each time? Stop starting over each time you do your nails and create a reusable Jamberry nail wrap template! This template is easy to make, cheap to create, and simple to use! It’s great for properly sizing Jamberry nail wraps, as well as trimming off extra length on french tips or Jamberry NAS designs. No more tape method! >>Buy 3, Get 1 FREE! Order yours at:

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$15 a sheet is so much cheaper then going to a nail salon. That's only $3 a manicure that last 2 weeks long. Check out how many designs you get per sheet? There are a couple of Jamberry sheets that come with more then one design. Here is the sheet breakdown and the wraps that come in multiple designs.

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Jamberry nail wraps "This is the best way to get the exact shape of your nail. I placed the tape on the front side though, to get a true fit."

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This is how I remove my Jams. It works great, and I love how easy it is! Check out the catalog and place an order today at

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How to Get the Most Use out of a Sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps

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Heres Roller Disco... its holographic and simply gorgeous! I got was able to get a sheet! Contact me if interested in trying it out.

Great step by step for Jamberry nail wraps application! DIY designer nail art

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