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Luke was cool...and then he went evil. He was still cool...but I had to dislike him out of duty to Percy and Annabeth.

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Need Actors and Actresses for your stories? Look through these! :) - Jake Abel

Possible reference for Mr. Obsidian? Not sure how Nate imagines him, but I think he^ looks like Nate a little :3


((I mean yeah it's from The Host but I mean, it's still Jake Abel)) I'm Adam, I'm Sam and Dean's half brother, but I'm by no means a Winchester. So don't call me that. I was in hell because of them, but now I'm out.


Jake Abel. I know someone who went to high school with this guy. They battled for roles all the time.


Day 22 Favorite Guest Star, Even though he's not as popular as some of the other guest stars Jake Abel is probably my favorite because he's in one of my favorite movies The Host and he's just nice to look at:)