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Jeju island

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Cheju Tubos de Lava. Isla de Jeju

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Udo Island, South Korea. Udo, is located on the northeast of Seongsan-ri, 3.5 km off the coast of Jeju, South Korea. This is the largest of the islands included in Jeju-si. Udo, literally "Cow Island" in Chinese, has this name because it looks like a cow lying down.

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Lighthouse in Jeju Do, Jeju Island | South Korea

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Isla de Jeju, Corea del Sur

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Don't miss a minute of Yoo Yun Suk and Kang So Ra in Jeju Island Gatsby! Become a fan of the series to receive email alerts for new episodes!

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Isla Jeju Corea

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Jeju Island Lighthouse, Jeju-Do, South Korea- by mihgaros

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Jeju Island, South Korea that place where everyone goes for in dramas for vacations, to escape, and sometimes just to get the family tangerine ㅇ ㅡㅇ haha my girl reference ,but anyways it seems jejudo seems to be the place to go for anyone and i love it.

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