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Love her hair and her Dress! - Indiana Evans from the movie Blue Lagoon The Awakening

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Avery Julia. She is human. She is an orphan, and distrustful of people. But, she is a normally happy and upbeat person who enjoys social interaction. She is going to film school to become a screenwriter.

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"-No puedo mirarte a los ojos, Alejandra-Comenta mientras observamos como la ciudad se extiende bajo nuestros pies, siento sus manos recorrer mi espalda y no puedo evitar gemir. -¿Por qué?- Me atrevo a preguntar. -Porque, entonces siento algo que no había sentido nunca. Y asusta"

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Indiana Evans <3

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Indiana Evans For more visit:

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indiana evans.... puts me in the mine of a young Brooke Shields ( think Blue Lagoon) / Denise Richards...

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hair- Indiana evans; light brown at base/roots with blonge highlighs throughout, getting blonder towards the end. LOVE

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Look Like Indiana Evans from ''Blue Lagoon: the Awakening

How to Look Like Indiana Evans from ''Blue Lagoon: the Awakening -- via I have been looking for this forever!

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