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You've Gato a Call Phone Stand

Keep a keen eye on your digital companion by entrusting it to this charming black cat by Japanese Gift Market! Stretching out on your desk or bedside table, this functional feline holds your smartphone upright with a small notch on its back and cute curled tail. Allowing you to display adorable snapshots of your favorite furry friend or free your paws to type while you talk, this sweet accessory is a perfectly playful way to keep your habitat tame and tidy!

El lince ibérico podría extinguirse en 50 años por el cambio climático:

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33 Small Balcony Designs and Beautiful Ideas for Decorating Outdoor Seating Areas

áreas de descanso e ideas para la decoración del hogar al aire libre con flores


10+ Best Products For Your Cat ... Sold On Amazon

Gatito Tube gato de la casa al aire libre completamente aislado

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10 Gorgeous Outdoor Dining Spaces That Haunt Our Dreams — Dining Inspiration

Me gusta el contraste de las sillas y la banca. El parasol le dá el toque mágico.

El Kakapo: un loro casi extinguido, que huele a flores, organiza torneos y no sabe volar Actualmente quedan 131 ejemplares en todo el mundo de este extraño loro endémico de Nueva Zelanda, el kakapo (Strigops habroptilus). Kakapo significa loro nocturno en maorí. La colonización polinesia y europea mermó sus poblaciones por la introducción de depredadores foráneos como gatos y ratas.

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Raven Video: This excellent 48-minute PBS documentary is one of the most comprehensive raven-centric films out there. It covers the mythology and historical symbolism of the Common Raven as well as the science behind corvid intelligence and their unique relationship with humans and large predators. Beautiful footage and music. Worth sitting down and watching all the way through! (Free stream on the PBS site, no…