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Peace & Flower Power ,,,,, yes, I was around during the late 60's & early 70's for it! Some of it was amazing, some not so much. I survived it all!!! still love lots of music from that time, still love flowers, still love some of the styles from back then. What a time it was! dw


We always feel a little better when we get the peace sign from someone, no? One of the reasons is, it's because it's a wish omen! When someone wishes you peace, or holds up the V sign for victory to you, you get an immediate wish! If you are able to give it back to them, your wish will be even stronger. Peace to you my friends, take this one as your first wish, and happy wishing!


I chose this photo to represent Benvolio because he is the one who is always trying to break up fights and keep peace in the air. He is always thinking before he acts so that he don't end up in situations where he has to fight. He makes sure that when a fight is starting that it will end with no one dying, he warns people not to get into anymore fights because he wants peace in Verona.

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Sepa cuándo puede pasar el peaje sin pagar

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Singleton Hippie Art, A Butterfly named Peace, The Original

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