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Official White House Portrait of Harry S. Truman - 33rd President of the United States


President Harry Truman and Lauren Bacall 1940s

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[Photo] Portrait of US Army 1st Lieutenant Harry Truman, 1917

Harry S. Truman in his Army uniform, 1917.


23 Defining Moments in Immigration Policy History

truman McCarran–Walter Act (1952) - This act retained the quota system from the Immigration Act of 1924 and gave preference to certain countries, like Great Britain, Germany and Ireland, while reducing the number of immigrants from colonies in the New World. - It allowed for deportation of immigrants involved in subversive activities. - It banned racial and ethnic discrimination over who can naturalize, allowing Asians to naturalize.


Harry S. Truman - had to face a lot of difficult decisions but did what was right, and didn't wait for what the polls told him to do.

Harry Truman's home in Independence, Missouri


Truman in military uniform with shoulder and waist belt with helmet

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The White House

President Harry S.Truman succeeded Franklin D. Roosevelt as the nation's chief executive when Roosevelt died in 1945.