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Hacke Mate

Keep your earrings together instead of hunting down the mate.

Ikea Hack: Pintar las puertas besta de color gris mate :


3 recetas caseras para transformar esmaltes comunes en colores mate

Descubre cómo puedes conseguir esmaltes mate de manera casera con estos trucos.


Taurus + Virgo = Not easily broken.

Hola: Hoy os traigo un recurso para trabajar el conteo de cantidades. Se trata de unas tarjetas listas para imprimir. Cuando los ni...

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¿Cabello dañado? Hazlo brillar con estas simples mascarillas caseras

¿Cabello dañado? Hazlo brillar con estas simples mascarillas caseras Más


Forever doing this to my class mates.....Even though I already scare them and they take me VERY seriously. When they call me shy I look at them blank face and say, "No I am not shy. I am just quiet and observe you all." Then I think 'No one share's their secrets.'


Clinton pulled back on a kill shot for a reason: Keep Trump on the ticket | The bar has now been set so low for the GOP nominee that he could do the following on stage in St. Louis and still receive passing grades: suggest that as president he would jail his opponent; defend Vladimir Putin and Russia over the hacking of the U.S. election; praise brutal Syrian tyrant Bashar Assad; admit to not paying federal income tax; and rebuke his own running mate for daring to criticize Russia over the…

Why creating a backdoor for the iPhone opens the door for cyber terrorist in other networks.   FBI wants to open Pandora's box by forcing Apple to create this backdoor. If this happens, terrorist will have a greater win. Check and Mate! Government will mandate all encrypted software to have a backdoor which can be hacked.

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