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El lince ibérico podría extinguirse en 50 años por el cambio climático:


Inventario de Fauna - Lince


Crear sofás de palets para la decoración de terrazas y para interiores no resulta difícil con algo de maña e imaginación. Una forma sencilla y económica para crear espacios personalizados y originales.


You've Gato a Call Phone Stand

Keep a keen eye on your digital companion by entrusting it to this charming black cat by Japanese Gift Market! Stretching out on your desk or bedside table, this functional feline holds your smartphone upright with a small notch on its back and cute curled tail. Allowing you to display adorable snapshots of your favorite furry friend or free your paws to type while you talk, this sweet accessory is a perfectly playful way to keep your habitat tame and tidy!

Chicken Coop Designs for Backyard Chickens

Safely store chicken feed and other coop essentials with this easy DIY.

The snow leopard's mountain ecosystem is particularly vulnerable to a changing climate. Climate change is emerging as a considerable threat to snow leopards and the ecosystems they call home. A recent report concludes that up to a third of today's snow leopard habitat could be lost or fragmented if no decisive action is taken.

Bornean Orangutans have now joined their Sumatran cousins on the IUCN's critically endangered list. The main driver behind their decline - deforestation due to the expansion of palm oil production in their habitats. Buying certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) can keep the Bornean Orangutan's forest homes intact and help to bring this species back. #PalmOil


Free Image on Pixabay - Lizard, Close, Nature, Reptile

Free photo: Lizard, Close, Nature, Reptile - Free Image on Pixabay - 804114