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Greetings in Spanish: 11 Ways to Say "How's it going?” in Spanish [INFOGRAPHIC]

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This video will show you how to introduce yourself in Spanish with simple expressions, ask for names in Spanish, use simple greetings and introduce someone in Spanish. It is divided in four sections: 1. Three different ways to introduce yourself in Spanish 2. How to ask what is your name in Spanish 3. How to use simple greetings in Spanish 4. Using TE PRESENTO A and the verb SER.

Greeting in Spanish: how to greet people in Spanish the right way. Saying goodbye in Spanish using simple expressions. Spanish Listening: Introducing a friend in Spanish Spanish Video: Greetings, introductions and farewells in Spanish

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How To Greet Someone in Spanish Even if You Don't Know Spanish

Greet someone in Spanish even if you don't know Spanish