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Grant Gustin at the #GoldenGlobes 1/10/16

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File»name:Jasper Lightwood-Bane»parents:Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood»siblings:Luca (sister) (two others a werewolf and a vampire anyone comment? The fandom is The mortal instruments)»Species:Warlock»age:18»Extra:He has cat looking eyes like his father and always has glitter in his hair like his father..Fc:Grant Gustin Dad=Alec. Father=Magnus

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The Fastest Man Alive

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Doesn't Grant Gustin have just the sweetest smile?

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Arrow - New Promo Pics - Grant Gustin (Berry Allen)

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No digan que no es perfecto !

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grant gustin, the flash, and barry allen image

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I have this strong desire to be his friend. Grant Gustin seems like a genuinely fun person to be around.

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grant gustin i love you you are so hot.... <3 #theflash #mahbae

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I love this warblers so much! Especially Sebastian!! <3. They make me want to faint ;)

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