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Soy la sombra de la noche, soy el sortilegio del alma maldecida. Soy el acosador de los pensamientos del alma ... soy el espejo maldito de tus peores miedos..

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t h e g r a e a e were three ancient sea-daimones who personified the white foam of the sea. they were the daughters of the sea-deities phorcys and ceto and sisters to the gorgons. the graeae took the form of old grey-haired women; though at times, poets euphemistically described them as “beautiful.” their age was so great that a human childhood for them was hardly conceivable. they shared one eye and one tooth, which they took turns using. Women's Books, Diet, Fitness, Fashion, Makeup...

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Dramáticamente Misteriosas Retratos Humeantes❤Después no hay después....#vientos…

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Intergalactic Beauty Editorials : HGIssue Issue 3

Chanel Haute Couture by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany April 2014

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Faces by on @DeviantArt

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Henry Buhl’s Collection of Hands Photographs at Sotheby’s


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Through a looking glass. john batho

THE NORNS - these are three goddesses of destiny or fate: SKULD "being" the future, VERDANDI "necessity" the present, and URD “fate” the past. They spent most of their time spinning the threads of like, deciding the fate of every human and every god. Whenever a child was born, the NORMS spun the fate of the child in their threads.

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