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Curried Vegetarian Black-Eyed Peas

This curried vegetarian black-eyed peas recipe is an easy to prepare, lightly-spiced mild coconut curry that’s great for people who want a creamy curry without the hot spice usually found in Indian curries. Black-eyed peas are a quick cooking bean which means that you can have this dish on the table in less than an hour when cooking the beans from dry, or in about 20 minutes when using canned beans.


“Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell.Though all things foul would wear the brows of grace,Yet Grace must still look so.” It means that even though all angels are good, the best one still fell ( lucifer), but that doesn't take away from the rest being good. A way of saying do not generalize things because the worst can happen to the best of us.


Situado en el barrio musulmán de Jerusalén, la piscina de Betesda es donde Jesús curó a un paralítico , según el Evangelio de Juan. El nombre Bethesda significa cualquiera de las Cámaras de la Misericordia o Casa de Gracia . La piscina era un lugar de reunión para los ciegos , enfermos y lisiados durante los tiempos bíblicos . Se entendió entonces que cuando un ángel agitó las aguas , la primera persona en el agua sería sanado .

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Desprogramarnos y Despertar – por Matías Alves

We can admittedly find nothing in physics or chemistry that has even a remote bearing on consciousness. Yet all of us know that there is such a thing as consciousness, simply because we have it ourselves. Hence consciousness must be part of nature, or, more generally, of reality, which means that, quite apart from the laws of physics and chemistry, as laid down in quantum theory, we must also consider laws of quite a different kind. ~ Niels Bohr


Do you think it's possible to do something so bad, even if you didn't mean to do it, that you can never come back from it? That no one can forgive you?