O la la
Cam Gigandet
oh la la
Cam Gigandet- he's so beautiful, i hope the show Reckless takes off so he stays in   Charleston :)
Be it an evil vampire or a love struck bowler hatted bar tender you are so nice to look at Sir!
Cam Gigandet.
no se quien es pero q bien le queda el bebé

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Cam Gigandet - my love!!
Eres perfecto o que Cam?
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Hottest Male Actors Right Now

Cam Gigandet | D.O.B 16/8/1982 (Leo)

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Cam Gigandet: Unknown Photographer but I just can't get over the contrast and values of black and white photos. Not crazy about the glasses. He doesn't wear them normally. It's got to be that crap hipster phase.
He was the sexiest vampire in Twilight. I do like Cam! :P
Cam Gigandet in Burlesque! <3