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He should make what the dirty politicans make give them $1200 a month dirty bastards

Im crying. Seriously. This is messed up. People have no right to do this.

I am in desperate need of help - � I am in desperate need of help for my anxiety and depression problem. I have got an eye condition which is really bad now. It has now become red and sore. I stopped going to work and has started to work from home more. I have stopped going out and seeing friends. My eyes look disgusting and I fear that people will notice them and judge me. I saw an eye specialist, took the treatment but didn�t find any change. I am at a complete loss on what to do…

HAHAHAHA.......... I laugh but I am also disgusted by the incredible lack of respect for our Commander in Chief by so many politicians.

In effect, the long waiting list is a de facto death list. But the hospital kept the waiting list a secret, while giving Washington politicians a fake 'official' list of timely appointments. 4-28-14 CNN has actually made 3 reports of this disgrace on their network??


George Soros May Face a Monster Tax Bill

Liberal hypocrite George Soros may owe $6.7 BILLION in taxes - He only wants the government to take your money....

These are no Christians and give those who truly are a bad name. That's pure evil. No true man of god would do this crap.

Sensual, no quiere decir mala persona o guarra es una forma de vivir.


Rep. Gowdy 'fascinated' by the Ever-Changing Defense in the IRS Scandal