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Classic forties make-up look. Gene Tierney in 'Leave her to Heaven' (Que el cielo la juzgue), 1945

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Gene Tierney in Thunderbirds (1942).

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Gene Tierney, Early 1940s

Gene Tierney. Classic beauty, through and through.

Gene Tierney. I wish I had her outfit. And, let's be honest, her face.

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Portrait of Gene Tierney in Shanghai Gesture directed by Josef von Sternberg, 1941

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Gene Tierney- no offense to Vivian Leigh, Marilyn Monroe, or Elisabeth Taylor...but Gene Tierney has to be the most beautiful of the classic stars. I cant say her acting is my most favorite..I am not a fan of most of the movies I've seen her in except The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

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Gene Tierney in Laura (1944)

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Gene Tierney, one of the best. I love 'The Ghost and Mrs. Muir'. She was perfection.

Gene Tierney. this is b 's hairdo you have hot rollers. You could roll your hair in some big wouldn't need many or you could do a couple big curls and then take those front pieces and roll them around your finger an bony pin them!

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