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Unas cuantas macrofotografías

macrofotografía: Gecko con cresta (Rhacodactylus ciliatus)


Geckos come in all shapes and sizes, and in lots of different colours, too. Our little lizard has contrasting green stripes and an apple-green crest running down his back. With his great big eyes and friendly smiling face, he will melt your heart.


Just Chilling and Dreaming...(Lizard) Art Print

Just Chilling and Dreaming...(Lizard) Art Print by Waelad Akadan


12 showstopping chameleon species

With vibrant patterns, funky crests and long noses, these are among the funniest-looking of all chameleons. But they sure are cute!

Mellow yellow--Karim Daoues, manager of The Tropical Farm, shows off a crested gecko on Sept. 6 in Paris.


Slender Prehensile Tailed Gecko for sale at LLLReptile - get one of these! Like a Crested Gecko but without head crest and with a long, cute prehensile tail!

Geico Gecko Lizard with coffee Tie Clip Clasp Bar Slide Silver Metal Shiny

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