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The Cat and the Bat - Pete Knight

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Christian Bale/Bruce Wayne: He will be known as THE Dark Knight for years to come.

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Michelle Pfeiffer, Batman Returns, 1992

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Querias Imagenes Grosas: Los mejores ilustradores graficos 1

Compañeros Taringueros quiero compartirles estos Dibujos originales del diseñador Artgerm veamos si reconocen a los personajes gustaron sus dibujos ...

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Buen intento, Batman

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bear1na: “ Catwoman by Paolo Barbieri * ”

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Gatubela, de Batman Regresa

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Always a big Batman fan, so of course I go into watching Gotham. I enjoy the character dynamic between Bruce and Selina, even though we know how it will turn out it's cute to see them interact. (c)...

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Imagen de Michelle Pfeiffer como Catwoman en "Batman Returns" (1992) Más

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10 DIY Catwoman Costume Ideas

Check out 10 DIY Catwoman Costume Ideas at

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