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Italian Rainbow Cookies

Three layers of almond sponge cake are tied together with sticky apricot jam and topped with chocolate to make these Italian rainbow cookies. The layers are colored green, white and red to represent the Italian flag. The process of making them is not difficult or all that time consuming the way I assumed it would …

Italian Rainbow Cookies

Italian Rainbow Cookies Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes These are my fave...haven't been brave enough to try making them yet...


Rainbow Cookies

Rainbow Cookies (almond cake layers w/apricot or raspberry filling covered in dark chocolate decadence)

Rainbow cookie cake

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Lidia Bastianich’s Rainbow Cookies

Lidia Bastianich's Rainbow Cookies


Venetian Cookies (a.k.a. Seven Layer Cookies)

Also known as 7-Layer, Rainbow, and Neapolitan. An Italian classic!


My new favorite holiday cookie. These are easier than they look.


The Italian Rainbow Cookies makes a great holiday cookie that will brighten up any Christmas cookie tray. It not only looks festive, it tastes delicious. Here are 10 easy steps for a delicious rainbow cookie.


Italian Rainbow Cookies

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10 Must-Make Christmas Cookies

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