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El fin de año en Nueva York: la caída de la bola en Times Square, los fuegos artificiales, fiestas y consejos para disfrutar de la noche.

Class Expansions: Sorcerer Bloodlines [PFRPG] - No filler seems to be the motto here, as we directly, sans introduction or the like, jump into the first bloodline, the Artificial Bloodline. Now don't fret - the bloodline is thankfully not yet another construct-themed bloodline, but rather offers a touch attack versus manufactured objects as well as a DR-granting skin-coating and is otherwise very focused on crafting. A solid bloodline. The second bloodline is the Fatespun, which is…

Class Acts: Magi -  arcanas herein are rather various in their design approaches - starting with e.g. gaining arcane blast as a bonus feat, 1 round of flight equal to your land speed, granting the dancing, merciful, defending quality temporarily to your weapon, dimension door short distances, duplicate hypnosis-effects by waving with your blade etc. Beyond that, there also are some abilities that allow you to spend arcane pool points to add +4 to dispel checks, to saves against spells you…

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Pacific islanders try to stop US military's plans for a simulated war zone

Pacific islanders try to stop US military's plans for a simulated war zone |The Guardian: If the Pentagon gets its way, a pair of idyllic Pacific islands have just two years before their tranquillity is pierced by the roar of US B-52 bombers, fighter jets and artillery fire. Faced with the destruction of their homeland, residents are to take their appeal directly to Barack Obama in an attempt to block US military plans to turn Tinian and Pagan into a simulated theatre of war.


Try Swarovski Vitrail Light to replicate the purple and aqua scene here. You can also add Cyclamen Opal and Fuchsia for more texture.


How Owners Lose Their Dogs' Trust | Top Dog Tips

The reinvention of work as we know it ---- Can New Zealand keep pace with change with a new wave of automation and artificial intelligence about to hit everyone's jobs, from truck driver to surgeon?

Angus and Heather Watt recast their family backyard as a low-maintenance adult space by installing artificial turf, a putting green, a covered gazebo and an elegant fire table. For full story, click this link

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How to Keep Home Maintenance Costs Under $300 a Year

How to Keep #Home #Maintenance Costs Under $300 a Year

Playa artificial más grande del mundo, Miyazaki