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Fake Friends, Fans, Fashion and Fame a Short Rant

Especially when she is your partner's 2nd best friend. When she talks bad about you. When she tries to get her to break up with you. Just to make you sad. Mya, do me a favor, and just go back to your old school.


Never tell others what you don't want repeated. Knowing how to discern between a…


Dont Explain Yourself Quotes. QuotesGram

hmmm I can think of a couple of these people…good thing it tends to be pretty clear who they are so I can steer clear!


I never have understood how people can see this type of person do wrong by other folks, but think the same evil stuff won't be done to them...


Quote A friend who has turned into an enemy has hated you all along. Envy and jealousy are the biggest cause of friendship failure.


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Grip of Reality_frenemy_"Don't fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you." Yep. And I'm betting you don't even realize it.


If they weren't there for my struggles...well...u know the rest