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Friends!!! Totally have this on my wall...once I get my place. Already have NJ NY PA CA Nevada

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David Aja and Matt Fraccion of Hawkeye create their own tribute to Ecce Homo ('restored' Jesus fresco).

I'm in a good mood so let's have a giveaway!! Win your very own Humble Lil Bun! Repost image and tag! @dearest_jen #humblegiveaway ///one entry per person please, if your profile is private I can't see your entry so leave me a comment, contest open until 3/1 #Padgram

Vetciia: The Twin Lemurs by NexusYuber on DeviantArt-Novenos Espada and Decimos Espada, are a confusing pair. Functionally, they are both powerful enough to be considered Espada in their own right, each with abilities and spiritual energies capable of destroying all but the strongest Arrancar with minimal effort. Yet they are not truly separate beings. During Vetciia's ascension from an Adjuchas into her Arrancar form, her great and tumultuous spiritual power split into an entirely…

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black/white love heart top, buttons

Cute Easy DIY Wipe Off Board Hermosa y sencilla manera de hacer un pintarron

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Take a page from an old book and find a sentence you like. Mark out the rest and frame it! Favorite idea ever.

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Top 28 Most Adorable DIY Wall Art Projects For Kids Room

Puzzle pieces wall art. - Top 28 Most Adorable DIY Wall Art Projects For Kids Room

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10 Creative Photo Frames For Your Summer Photos!

#DIY Photo Letters. Happy crafting.:

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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty – 30 |

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