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Proverbios 2 1 al 5 Hijo mío, si recibieres mis palabras, Y mis mandamientos guardares dentro de ti, 2 Haciendo estar atento tu oído a la sabiduría; Si inclinares tu corazón a la prudencia, 3 Si clamares a la inteligencia, Y a la prudencia dieres tu voz; 4 Si como a la plata la buscares, Y la escudriñares como a tesoros, 5 Entonces entenderás el temor de Jehová, Y hallarás el conocimiento de Dios.

Peniocereus marianus - "Brahman is not merely a featureless Absolute. It is all this world. Vayu or air is said to be manifest Brahman, pratyaksam brahma. The Svetasvatara Upanishad makes out that Brahman is beast, bird, and insect, the tottering old man, boy and girl. Brahman sustains the cosmos and is the self of each individual. Supra-cosmic transcendence and cosmic universality are both real phases of the one Supreme." - S. Radhakrishnan

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Collages de anatomía humana con un toque retro y de psicodelia

Collages de anatomía humana con un toque retro y de psicodelia | VICE | Colombia


Cosmos, Bright Lights Mixed Colors Lacy foliage and silky flowers give an airy touch to the garden from midsummer to frost. Wonderful for cutting. Tolerates poor soil, heat and humidity. Easy to grow. Grows best in full sun. Attracts Butterflies. Proven tops for performance and adaptability. Space 12-15" apart. Start outdoors after danger of frost.